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Ulker was founded in 1944 by Sabri Ülker, commencing operations in Istanbul as a small bakery.

A factory was opened in 1948. Ulker expanded in the 1970s to exporting to the Middle East market, chocolate manufacturing, and packaging.

By the end of the 20th century, Ulker was manufacturing margarine, vegetable oil and dairy products. In 2002, Ulker diversified into carbonated beverages, and in 2003, added Turkish coffee, ice cream and baby food to its product range.

The company was the 5th on the list of the most successful manufacturers in Turkey in 2001.

Ulker Group

This Group of the Ulker Group focuses on the production, sales and marketing of the Ulker branded food products. The categories included are chocolates, bars, biscuits, wafers, confectionaries, chewing gums, baby food  and personal care. This is the largest business area of the Ulker Group.

Ulker Group is a Group of Yildiz Holding.


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With extensive reach in all major and minor retail outlets in the country, Golden Harvest also boasts a strong food service product line targeting catering companies, hotels, restaurants and such.  With dedicated teams servicing both the retail and food service industries, Golden Harvest focuses on quality, timely and consistent service, product variety, and value for money.

Our sales, marketing and merchandising teams work round the clock to make sure that the consumer receives the best quality products, fresh production dates, and proper displays to serve the consumer locate their favorite brands.