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Our products in the market.

With extensive reach in all major and minor retail outlets in the country, Golden Harvest also boasts a strong food service product line targeting catering companies, hotels, restaurants and such.  With dedicated teams servicing both the retail and food service industries, Golden Harvest focuses on quality, timely and consistent service, product variety, and value for money.

Our sales, marketing and merchandising teams work round the clock to make sure that the consumer receives the best quality products, fresh production dates, and proper displays to serve the consumer locate their favorite brands.


Candy Doo

Candy Doo was setup by Smart Food Concepts in late 2008 and was a tremendous success and has been growing since.

Today, Candy Doo has taken Cotton candy to an even more heavenly place with its new twist on things. While maintaining the traditional feel of the product with our contemporary like kiosks, our offerings move forward in time with a wide variety of flavors, sizes and shapes made to satisfy everyone.


Candy Doo has been thrilled to see customers of all age groups and backgrounds enjoy this yummy treat as it brings childhood memories for adults and giggles for kids.